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Why Choose Water Jet Cutting?

The water jet cutting services are widely utilized in both building and engineering circles so as to cut a wide range of materials. The water jet cutting is different from the laser cutting jet in a lot of ways. Knowing and understanding the disparity will help you, as a professional or hobbyist, to choose the most appropriate cutting method for your specific needs.

The water jet cutting utilizes a very pressured jet of water so as to cut through materials. This high degree of pressure is needed so as to attain through forcing the water to a small opening at a pressure as high as 60 000 psi. to further improve the cutting action, garnett, which is a material added to the water to improve the abrasion. The outcome of the cutting action is the same to that of the water that naturally cuts its way to the earth, creating river beds over the years, but then again, done in a precise and fast way. This rough cutting can cut through an array of materials and a huge range of thickness, for this reason, cnc water jet cutter holds benefits over the laser jet cutting which has a restricted range of thicknesses and materials on which it is beneficial. The range of materials that can be cut with water jet include: materials such as copper, titanium, steel, bronze, brass, aluminum and other metal allows, marble, granite, ceramics and stones, rubbers and plastics such as foam and Kevlar, wood, and fiber glasses. Contingent on the type of material, the thickness can run up to 8 inches think with a tolerance as low as 0.005 to 0.010 inches.

The Flow waterjet make use of heat as a result, it is best for materials that are adversely affected or damaged with the use of heat. The water jet cutting would leave the physical integrity of materials intact which denotes that it can be utilized on wood, plastics and other materials that can't be cut with a laser cutter. The actual lateral and downward pressure applied on the material being cut is almost insignificant, which denotes that there are not added hassle factors and fixture costs to bring into the equation. The innovated nesting software can automatically select the most appropriate arrangement in order to lay out the parts in the most cost effective way provided the shape and size of the stock material.

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